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Moving to Florida? We Got You Covered!

Are you or a loved one moving to Florida? If so, you are not alone!



We here at Dougherty Brothers Moving have done the math. We’ve found that almost 20% of our long distance moves in this past year were headed to The Sunshine State. We are headquartered out of West Palm Beach, FL. Whether it’s the beautiful sandy beaches, the love of golf or the allure of big lizards, we’ve got you covered!


Whatever your reason for moving to this wonderful state, what we do know is this: we have built our company by specializing in moves from all over the country to Florida. Whether you are moving from California, New York, Colorado or Michigan, call us today! Dougherty Brothers Moving has a vast network of expert movers across the continental United States!


We started out specializing in the “I-95 Corridor”. This being from New York to Florida.  There is a saying here in Florida, “The more south you go the more north you feel”. That is because of the large population of people that moved from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC down here to Sunny South Florida. If you are in need of a mover to relocate you from the North East to Florida, you’re on the right website!


After “cutting our teeth” on the I-95 Corridor we expanded our focus to include our friends from the mid west. It is no secret that people from the mid west like Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota tend to escape the winters by rolling down I-75, which puts them in the Tampa Bay Area. We here at Dougherty Brothers Moving are more than happy to help you or a loved one relocate to Florida.


Those are two examples of past and current trends from areas of the country to Florida. What we have noticed over the last 5 months is an influx of people from all over the country moving to parts all over Florida. People aren’t just moving to South Florida, they are moving to Sarasota, Naples, Cape Coral, etc.



Whatever the case, if you are moving from another state to Florida, Dougherty Brothers Moving wants to be your Long Distance Mover. Ask about our “Sunshine State Discount” today. We are excited about having you as our new neighbor!

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