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Hiring Dougherty Brothers Moving vs Doing it Yourself

When weighing the options on your long distance move, there are a lot of variables to consider. Obviously, price is one of them. This might surprise you, but it can actually cost less to hire professional movers to do your long-distance move than to do it yourself with, for example, a U-Haul.

This is particularly true if your inventory is around 500 cubic feet (approximately 3,500 pounds) or less, and you are moving more than 1,000 miles. This is because your items would be picked up in a 26-foot box truck and transferred into an 18 wheeler. Yes, a semi truck. This is what is called a “shared load” or a “piggy back load”. You are only charged for the space on the semi that you take up. So approximately 95% of your move will be on the semi-truck. It will be making pick ups and drop-offs until it is your turn for drop-off. According to the FMCSA, driver’s cannot legally drive more than 500 miles per day.

Give Dougherty Brothers Moving a call today to discuss your move. In many cases, we can include 30-days of free storage with no charge for re-delivery! This can save you hundreds of dollars if you do not have a final delivery address right away. For example, if you have to rent for a month while you wait to close on your new house, or need to wait for your apartment or condo to become available to move in, this can be especially advantageous.

In some cases, it can seem cheaper to rent a truck to do the move yourself. Even still, when you factor in gas, mileage, a hotel/motel for a few nights during the trip, tolls and food along the way, the cost is more than likely the same, if not more than the price of hiring a company like Dougherty Brothers. Not to mention the physical and emotional strain a long-distance move can put on you. Moving is often classified as one of the most stressful events in the average person’s life. We understand that, and our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Dougherty Brothers Moving is authorized to coordinate military, residential, and commercial moves over state-lines. When searching for a moving broker to assist you with a great moving experience, remember-

“Dougherty Brothers Moving is big enough to get the job done right, but small enough to care!”

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